"I was born an artist; I only later became a painter because, after all, an artist must do something." - James Abbot McNeil Whistler

"If I could put it into words, I wouldn't put it into paint." - Pablo Picasso

"Art is the pigment of my imagination." - MBV


I've been a practicing artist for nearly 35 years. I had always, since early childhood, drawn with skill if not conviction until, while I was studying commercial photography, I read a biography of Vincent van Gogh and realised my true calling. For many years I painted in a tight figurative style specialising in portraits and figure studies. In 1982 I graduated from the University of Reading (UK) with a Bachelors Degree in The History of Art and Architecture. Upon graduation I focused on my own art. Most of the work that I did was on commission but I made a very meager living out of it. Here are some examples (click on the thumbnail to see a larger version).

Ultimately I came to realise that such work was unfulfilling in that it made me feel not unlike a photocopier. I then concentrated on creating works that were entirely original and which reflected a more personal artistic vision.

An exhibition comprising 35 of these canvases was mounted at the Four Star Gallery in Indianapolis in July of 1996. While this one-man show received considerable interest and praise it resulted in not a single sale. I subsequently concentrated my artistic energies towards computer generated art and improving my skills as a guitarist.